Marble Tile Styling Ideas

Marble Tile Styling Ideas

Your bathroom is the first place you go in the morning to prepare for the day ahead, and the last place you visit at the end of the day to unwind and get ready for a good nights sleep. Because of this, creating a feeling of luxury in your bathroom is important. You want to feel as if you have escaped from the busyness of the day and that you leave the bathroom feeling refreshed, reenergised and content. With marble effect tiles, you can create that feeling of luxury and quality in your bathroom that you deserve. Marble interiors are hugely popular this year and will continue to be due to their timeless, classic design. 

If you’ve not yet found the perfect marble tile for your bathroom, then you’re in luck. Our Purity Matt Carrara tiles are the marble tiles you have been looking for. The beautiful tile features a highly realistic marble effect with varying shades, detailing and veining as well as a natural finish.

Keep reading to explore our bathroom styling ideas using the Purity Matt Carrara wall and floor tile.

Pink and Gold 

A pink bathroom may not be everyones cup of tea, but the right shade of pink can look sophisticated and glamorous whilst adding a fun and playful touch to your bathroom. Gold details will perfectly compliment a pink and marble colour palette, giving your contemporary bathroom a traditional twist. 

Pink , gold and marble bathroom mood board

Natural woods 

If you are looking to incorporate natural materials into your bathroom, marble and wood make the perfect combination. The marble will give your bathroom a fresh and modern look, with the wood adding natural warmth and a rustic touch. The contrast between the marble and wood creates a calming atmosphere and is guaranteed to give your bathroom that luxurious spa-inspired look.  Wood and marble bathroom mood board

50 shades of blue 

With many shades to choose from, the colour blue is very calming and pays homage to the natural world. Add serenity to your marble bathroom interior by using deep shades of blue to furnish the room. Despite its cooler undertone, blue has a soothing effect as it emulates the colour of the the ocean and natural elements. 

Blue and marble mood board

Black accents

Black and white will always be a favourite of ours. Using black accent colours alongside the purity matt will give your space an elegant and luxurious look that will suit any modern home design. If you want to add something extra special and opulent to your bathroom interior, our magnificent Swarovski Crystal Trims will make an amazing eye-catching feature. These trims are the perfect final touch and you'll have a bathroom that your friends will envy. 

Purity Matt mood board

Explore our purity collection here and create that marble bathroom you have always dreamed of. 

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