The Mudd Series Part 2: It's Adhesive Time

The Mudd Series Part 2: It's Adhesive Time

So you've prepared your walls or floors for tiling and now you're ready to start laying your tiles. This is where adhesives comes in. Selecting the right adhesive is key to a successful tiling project. But don't worry, we're here to help you pick the right one! We’re back with part 2 of our Blog Series on our range of Mudd products. If you missed part 1, we covered the first stage of the tiling process and the products required to prepare for tiling.

In this blog post, we talk all things tile adhesive and the products that we stock - including ready mixed and powdered adhesives.

It's worth noting that how much tile adhesive is needed, the length of time tile adhesive takes to dry and how thick should the tile adhesive be is all dependant on the type of adhesive used, as well as the size and thickness of tiles being used.

Ready For It Showerproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Ready For It is a white ready-mixed tile showerproof adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic or mosaic wall tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and domestic showers. Ideal for fixing to flat internal wall surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard, cement: sand rendering and existing ceramic tiles. Once adhesive has been applied, grouting can be started after a minimum of 24 hours. 

Ready for it Showerproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive 15kg - Crocatile


Ready For More Waterproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Ready For More is fairly similar to Ready For it in that it is a ready-mixed adhesive. The main difference is that Ready For More is specially formulated for fixing ceramic and mosaic wall tiles in intermittent-wet areas such as showers, power showers, bathrooms and wet rooms, as well as kitchens and other areas. 

MUDD Ready for More Waterproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive 15kg - Crocatile

Tile Fixer Standard Setting Flexible Tile Adhesive 

If you are looking for a standard quick setting powdered adhesive, then  Tile Fixer is the one for you. Mixed with water, it is suitable for fixing floor and wall tiles including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics, quarry, brick slips and stone claddings. It is also suitable for interior and exterior areas including patios. Tile Fixer take about 20 minutes to set, and within those 20 minutes tiles can be adjusted after initial positioning. Using tile fixer is ideal for using on the first row of tiles to make sure they are up quickly, and you can then switch to using a different adhesive under the rest of your tiles if you wish to. For more information, take a look at Mudd’s product information sheet.

MUDD Tile Fixer Standard Setting Flexible Tile Adhesive

Fast Fixer Fast Setting Flexible Tile Adhesive 

A rapid-setting powder-based tile adhesive, Fast Fixer is ideal if you wish to start grouting as quickly as possible after tile installation. Once installed, tiles can be grouted just 3 hours after fixing, unlike other adhesives which usually require a minimum of 24 hours. The set adhesive is frost and water resistant and can be used in showers, or under continuous immersion such as swimming pools.

MUDD Fast Fixer Fast Setting Flexible Tile Adhesive 20kg - Crocatile

Thick Fixer Pourable Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive 

Thich Fixer is ideal for large format and natural stone tiles. Available in white and grey, the fast-setting, pourable, thick-bed floor tile adhesive allows fixing at 3-25mm thickness, making it ideal for tiles/slabs of uneven thickness and uneven surface. Thick Fixer is water-resistant and can be used in interior and exterior areas including showers and swimming pools. Grouting can be carried out after a minimum of 3 hours. Thick Fixer isn't suitable for use on wall tiles. 

MUDD Thick Fixer Floor Tile Adhesive 20kg - Crocatile

Smart2 Fixer Highly Flexible S2 Tile Adhesive 

The Smart2 Fixer is a 2-part highly flexible, water resistance, rapid-setting floor tile adhesive suitable for most backgrounds particularly moisture stable timber-based boards and tongue and grooved floorboards. It is ideal for problematic floors with movement and is suitable for fixing ceramic tiles, non-translucent natural stone, fully vitrified and porcelain tiles. The highly deformable adhesive sets in 3 hours and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

MUDD Smart2 Tile Adhesive 11.25kg - Crocatile

What Next?

Now that you're all clued up on your adhesives, its time to lay your tiles! Find the right adhesive for you here and don't forget to share your tiling journey with us on Instagram. Make sure you check back next week for part 3 of our Mudd blog series in which we discuss the finishing touches to your tiling project - Grouts and Sealants.

See you next week! 

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