How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How To Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house, however don't underestimate their potential. They may be small, but they are mighty! If you're struggling to think of small bathroom ideas when it comes to redecorating, we have some tips and tricks for you. This blog post explores some small bathroom ideas, ideas for tiling a small bathroom and the best ways to give the illusion of more space. 

Choose Neutral Colours 

Use light, bright, neutral colours to really open up the sapce, but not too bright. Using bright whites will give your small bathroom space a cold and empty feeling rather than minimal. The best colours to use on your walls alongside white units are off-whites, ivory's and light greys as these colours will add warmth whilst helping separate the walls from the fixtures. Our Wind collection is ideal as you can use the Wind White alongside the Wind White Wave. Creating different surface textures is a key way to add that depth.

Wind White Wall Tile 25cm x50cm

Glossy Tiles

When it comes to small bathroom tile ideas, we highly recommend opting for a gloss or satin finish tile to keep the natural light bouncing around the room. Our Hope White Gloss tiles feature a stunning glossy finish and will really brighten up a small bathroom space. 

Hope White Gloss 75mm x 300mm Ceramic Wall Tile

Patterned Floors

In terms of flooring a small bathroom, a patterned tile can really bring a small space to life and sets the tone for the rest of the room. The Patterned Durham Blue is a stunning victorian patterned blue tile and would really open up the space in your bathroom. 

Patterned Durham Blue Floor Tile 33cm x 33cm

Glass Shower Door 

Make the most of your space by lessening the visual weight of the bathroom design and creating a wet room. How to make the most out of a small bathroom?Ditch the bath and shower curtain for an open plan shower with a glass door which will blend seamlessly with the rest of your compact space. Our TileCo Light Grey looks great alongside glass shower doors, we especially the love how the black accent colours complement the light grey tones. 

TileCo Light Grey 30cm x 60cm Wall Tiles

Ready to design your ultimate small bathroom? Explore our range of bathroom tiles and transform your small space into a mighty one!

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