Patterned Tile Buying Guide

Patterned Tile Buying Guide

Patterned tiles are having a comeback this season and it’s easy to see why. Patterned tiles are a great way of adding personality and style to a room before you’ve even started to furnish it. Whether minimalism or maximalism is your thing, we have patterned tiles to suit all tastes and homes. In this blog post we talk through four different styles featured in our patterned tiles collection and our top tips for styling each one.

1. Traditional victorian flooring 

A nod to the victorian era, traditional victorian flooring has been a highly sought after trend since the mid-19th century and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere any time soon. These stylish and elegant patterned tiles will make a statement in any space in your home. You may have a victorian property and are looking to restore some of the original characteristics, or just love the style and are looking to add a homely, traditional touch to a modern home. Whether you’re looking for something classic, country or modern, we have victorian tiles to suit all tastes and styles.

The traditional black and white design on the Patterned Hadrian Black floor tile featured below is a classic. Ideal for a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, porch or fireplace, you really can’t go wrong with this tile. Pair with moody hues to create a striking interior that oozes class and sophistication.Traditional Victorian Flooring tiles

2. Contemporary hexagons 

Hexagonal shaped tiles, also known as honeycomb tiles, are perfect for adding some geometric chic to any home. Perfect for any room in your house, create an eye-catching floor or wall in your space. These tiles are ideally suited for a modern home design and are a good way of adding a splash of colour to a simple and minimalistic interior.

The Sunburst tile collection displayed below features a muted colour palette and striking geometric design. You can arrange the tiles in different ways to create a multitude of captivating patterns. Use as a splash-back in your kitchen or on the whole wall in your shower enclosure, the options are endless.Sunburst Tiles

3. Geometric patterns

Bold and vibrant geometric tiles are guaranteed to make an impact any space. Ideally suited for a modern home design, the monochrome colour palette on these tiles will complement any interior. Keep things simple with a black and white interior or add bold splashes of colour to make a stunning contrast. These tiles will make a striking feature floor or statement wall.

Create a stylish modern retro look in your kitchen or bathroom with our Day and Night 01 Patterned tile paired with bright oranges, pinks and yellows. The striking monochrome geometric design alongside block colours will leave your guests feeling envious and in awe of your homeGeometric Patterns

4. Mediterranean inspired 

Dreaming of going on holiday? Coronavirus letting you down? With our Amalfi Coast and Moroccan inspired tiles, you can create a sense of escapism in your home and it’ll feel as if you are on vacation. The vibrant and uplifting colour schemes on these unique tiles emulate the warmth in mediterranean countries and have a fun, playful spirit. Perfect for any room in your home, treat yourself to an interior glow-up for a summer at home!

The patchwork tiles feature gorgeous alternating geometric patterns and will offer an instant talking point in your home. Pair with natural materials to give your kitchen a rustic, country look with an exotic twistMediterranean Inspired tiles

We have a huge range of patterned tiles to suit all styles and budgets. Explore our full collection here.

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