How to turn your Garden into a Holiday Destination This Summer with Outdoor Tiles

How to turn your Garden into a Holiday Destination This Summer with Outdoor Tiles

So it looks like it’s another summer at home. As the sun starts to make more of an appearance and the days become longer, our gardens become a place of escapism and a true place of joy to soak up the sun and indulge in the delights of summer. Our outdoor spaces have never been more appreciated, and we realise how much they really have to offer. Making our gardens a place to relax and unwind can feel like a big task but with the help of our outdoor tiles, we are here to provide some tips and inspiration. 

Whether you want a tranquil spa-like paradise or a garden fit for socialising, we have it all.

Traditional Patio Ideas

Create a perfect patio that feels like a country retreat using our Icaria Ocre Outdoor tile. Inspired by natural materials and using warm colours, you can create a really calming feel, perfect for an alfresco dining experience. This tile is timeless and will give your garden an elegant and classic look. 

Icaria Ocre 60cm x 60cm Outdoor Tile

Mediterranean Garden Ideas 

Whisk yourself away this summer by creating a garden paradise of dreams. Fill the rest of your space with plants, plants and more plants! This will help create the Mediterranean garden design.

Balau Natural 60cm x 60cm Outdoor Tile

Modern Garden Ideas

If you have a modern home and want something simple, sleek and clean, then our Medici Natural Outdoor tile is perfect. These tiles are ideal if you love the indoor-out look as you can use them throughout you home and garden, perfect for if you have bifold doors. With monochromatic colours, you can create a really stylish and contemporary garden design. Fill pots and planters with neatly kept plants to add greenery whilst keeping the setting feeling organised and fairly minimal. Medici Natural 60cm x 60cm Outdoor Tile - Crocatile


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