Ideas for Styling Grey Tiles

Ideas for Styling Grey Tiles

When it comes to renovating a bathroom or kitchen, there is a growing desire to use grey tiles. Grey toned interiors are hugely popular in todays home interior market, and we can understand why. The colour grey is extremely versatile and is the perfect neutral, as it can moderate brighter hues and pull a colour scheme together. The 2021 Pantone Colours Of The Year were revealed to be Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, which together convey a message of both positivity and support. As usual, the experts were correct. Grey tiles is the highest trending across search for tiles, which brings us onto our next bit…

This blog post explores ideas for styling grey tiles by looking at what grout colour to use and what colours go with grey tiles. We stock a wide range of Grey Tiles to suit all styles and budgets.

What colour grout for grey tiles?

Grout isn’t just just for filling in spaces between tiles, it frames the tiles and allows them to stand out and shine. Your grout is as important as the tile itself, so give it the appreciation that it deserves and take time in choosing your grout.

The colour of grout you choose will determine whether each individual tile stands out, or if they all blend together seamlessly. Matching your grout with your tile colour will make the grout lines become indistinct and create a uniform feature where the individual tiles aren’t visible and you view an overall picture of beautiful tiling. This works well when using patterned tiles like Patterned Hadrian Grey and Patterned Durham Grey, where the overall pattern can be admired from a distance with no line breaks or gaps.

If you want your tiles to stand out against the grout and highlight the beauty of each individual, pick a grout colour that contrasts. By contrasting the colours, you are drawing attention to the overall design and layout of the tiles. This creates a striking look, with the grout framing each tile and allowing it to be admired.

Use black or white grout on grey metro tiles displayed in a herringbone or horizontal design to give it a classic industrial look and create a strong design statement. This would also work on grey hexagon tiles like our Block Hex Acero Wall & Floor Tile which can be arranged to create an amazing feature wall. The beauty of these tiles is the distinct shape which allows you to create an eye-catching pattern.

 Block Hex & Base Tile Range

With six colours of grout to choose from, look no further than the Mudd Grout with Clout for framing your tiles. 

What colour goes with grey tiles?

The colour grey itself is much more complex than we might think, With varying undertones and tints. Before deciding on what colours to match with your grey, it is important to pick the right grey colour to begin with. Lick have explained everything you need to know about grey, from colour compatibility to room direction, and identified colours that go with grey.

5 colours that go with grey

If you are looking for some bathroom inspiration, We have put together some bathroom design ideas using colours that go with grey tiles in bathrooms.


All shades of pink go well with pretty much all shades of grey, from light neutrals to dark charcoals. If you want to add a subtle splash of colour to your bathroom interior, pink and grey is a playful and fun take on classic black and white. Try using grey marble tiles which will add an interesting dimension to your bathroom and give it a luxurious and sophisticated look. 

Pink and grey bathroom mood board - Crocatile

Muted blues

The musky and muted blue/green colour palette is simple, yet so effective. Using a light blue with green undertones against a glossy grey tile will give your bathroom a classic, cosy look. Using natural wood accents and cabinets will emulate country cottage vibes. The more neutral grey tones on the Track Grey Wall Tile work well with the Blue 03 paint colour by Lick and will help create a warming and welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom.

Track Grey Wall Tile 33cm x 63cm


With Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow being crowned as 2021 Colours of the year by Pantone, they make the perfect pair. Using yellow accessories in your grey tiled bathroom will add a touch of warmth, sunshine and positivity to your space. The feel-good and uplifting hues of yellow will really brighten up your grey bathroom, the perfect start to the day!

Yellow and Grey Mood Board - Crocatile

Ready to pick your grey tiles?

From large format and luxurious-looking marble tiles, to classic patterned and contemporary metro tiles, we have grey bathroom tiles to suit all styles and budgets. Explore our Grey Floor Tiles and Grey Wall Tiles and transform your bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated space. 

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